Green Day “Last Night On Earth”

Lyric: “You are the moonlight of my life every night/Giving all my love to you/My beating heart belongs to you”
Why it works: Name a more romantic song; we’ll wait. The world is ending and our pal Billie Joe Armstrong professes his eternal flame of love? Yes, please.
How to use it: When the world is ending, and you need to profess your love, duh.

Pierce The Veil “Besitos”

Lyric: “You’re my favorite explosion”
Why it works: The song, as a whole, isn’t the most positive (and we really won’t ruin it for you), but the line is sweet and saucy.
How to use it: When asking out an edgy crush, a person who has an appreciation for the darker things in life.

Motionless In White “Synthetic Love”

Lyric: “Unlace your body, I want total control”
Why it works: Can you think of anything more intimate than entering someone’s unlaced body? It’s kinda gross, but mostly sexy—in a goth way.
How to use it: When asking out a zombie, probably.

New Years Day “Scream”

Lyric: “I can make your dreams come true”
Why it works: The lyrics get a lot more explicit from there, but this line is nothing but suggestive. You can imagine what they’re referring to…
How to use it: When you’re real confident.

State Champs “Perfect Score”

Lyric: “We’re not as alone as we would like to be/So take me to a place where it’s just you and me”
Why it works: Nothing is more romantic than wanting to be alone with someone, right?
How to use it: When asking someone to join you for a one-on-one picnic.

Hey Violet “Brand New Moves”

Lyric: “Since the last time we danced I learned some brand new moves/Since the last time we kissed I learned a thing or two”
Why it works: You’re immediately sending out a message of dancing and kissing… You know something is about to happen!
How to use it: When sending that late-night text to that ex you’re not totally over yet, who’s (hopefully) not over you, either.