Pop punkers MAKEOUT are debuting their new song, “Secrets,” taken from their forthcoming album, The Good Life.

The band say “Secrets” is all about being cheated on—and cutting that toxicity out of your life.

“Being cheated on is one of the most brutal things people can go through. It's miraculous how something that you invest so much in, whether it's with time, or money, or whatever, can be thrown away for something as meaningless as sex. People can be sluts sometimes… the hardest part is accepting that those people don't deserve you. If you know what I'm talking about, you should give this song a listen.”

Give the music video a watch below!


The recent Rise Records signees’ will be releasing their debut full-length Sept. 29. The Good Life is available for preorder here.

makeout the good life album artwork

1. “Childish”
2. “Crazy”
3. “Lisa”
4. “Ride it Out”
5. “Open Minded”
6. “You Can't Blame Me”
7. “Clockwork”
8. “Till We're Gone”
9. “Salt Lake City”
10. “Secrets”
11. “Where's My Charger”
12. “Blast Off”

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