This January, the members of MANCHESTER ORCHESTRA and labelmate KEVIN DEVINE entered MO’s Atlanta studio to record a full-length album. The project, dubbed BAD BOOKS, is similar to Two Tongues, Chris Conley and Max Bemis’s band/bro-down that released their debut record in 2008. Here, MO frontman Andy Hull gives a taste of what listeners can expect on Bad Books’ 10-track album, which he’s hoping to have out this fall. —Evan Lucy

“You Were Wrong” An acoustic-based number reminiscent of Simon And Garfunkel, featuring reverb-drenched vocals, gorgeous harmonies and some of Devine’s finest lyrics to date.

“Don’t Move”
This angular, raucous song conjures up memories of Manchester Orchestra’s Mean Everything To Nothing with its cacophonous chorus that finds Hull howling, “I didn’t know you’d have the key to the end of it all.”

Kevin Devine

“Crooked Days”
The most straightforward and catchiest cut on the disc, the chorus of this power-pop nugget would sound absolutely perfect in a smoky bar with beer glasses raised high.

“I Begged You Everything”
“I am the widow, the spider king,” Hull sings on this acoustic ballad, his voice cracking with emotion. “I gave my car away down toward the post office. A man told me he needed it more. I believed him, went home and slept more.”

“Sooner Than Later”
“This is a story about a guy in Texas in the ’80s who has an affair, and his wife ends up leaving him,” says Hull. “It’s got a real No Country For Old Men feel.”

“Thanklin Franklin”
An off-the-wall, hip-hop song about Aretha Franklin’s fictitious son Thanklin, who at one point ends up as a fish. “Back then I ran with Aretha Franks,” Devine raps on the track. “You ask, how was it that you was able? You forgot, bitch, I was on a major label.” alt