Today is Valentine's Day, one of the few days of the year where it's entirely acceptable to be cute and mushy about the love of your life (and if you're single on V-day, look on the bright side: No reservations need to be made or gifts need to be bought; treat yourself to some records or concert tickets). When Matt MacDonald (THE CLASSIC CRIME) offered to interview his wife and VOCAL FEW bandmate Kristie for this day, well, it was hard for us to say no–we're romantics at heart here at AP.

Get your “awww” buttons ready and read their interview below. You can also listen to songs from the Vocal Few's new EP She'll Be Right below.

Matt: What is your favorite Valentine's Day memory?
Kristie: Well, it sounds cliche, but our first Valentine's Day is probably my favorite. You gave me a little ceramic fridge magnet named Buddy that you made in some art class in high school. He was a heart with eyes. I loved Buddy until he fell off my fridge and broke in half.

When was the moment you realized I was the smartest, most excitingly beautiful man you’d ever met?
Well geez, it must have been at summer camp back in 2000 when you threw your flip-flop sandal at me because I looked sad. It bounced off my shoulder and you asked me what was wrong, then I cried and you took me for a walk to console me. Or it could have been later that same week at camp when you did a back flip off a stump in front of your cabin.  SWOON.

Has life with a schmuck like me been what you expected?
Honestly, even though I hoped your band (The Classic Crime) would succeed, I wasn't expecting you to sign a record deal less than a month after we got married.  I think I figured you’d work some job and play music for fun, and maybe we'd have kids. I dunno, it's not really what I expected, but after seven years I still wouldn't have it any other way.

How did you feel when we decided to finally record songs together?
ELATED! I had shamelessly begged you to record songs with me for years and was so happy that I finally had a solid reasoning tool to convince you (tool being the impending birth of our daughter and the numerous expenses that would follow).

Were you nervous when I was producing your vocals?
Yeah, like OMG the singer of The Classic Crime is recording my vocals right now! Eeee!!! Okay sarcasm aside, maybe a little nervous…

What is your favorite Vocal Few song and why?
Hmm I’d have to say “We'll Make it Someday” because it’s really the anthem of our life together.


What memories does our song “Mexico” bring back?
Our budget honeymoon down the Oregon coast. We spent a lot of time on rainy beaches and it was fun.  Unfortunately we never made it as far as Mexico where we would have seen some sun.

How did you like touring with my band for a year in 2006?
It was like being married to five dudes even though I had just recently married one dude.  In a totally non-polygamist kind of way.  Living in a van out of a suitcase and seeing all the major cities in America while watching you play shows every night was more than I could have ever asked for. Loved it.

How does the idea of touring with Vocal Few strike you now?
I love the idea of having the opportunity to tour again, this time with our little family. I’d love to show Praise (our daughter) all of the places we've been together.

How many Vocal Few songs should we record in the future?
MILLIONS! I’d love to churn out EPs twice a year.

Can you believe we’re married and have a baby?
It blows my mind daily.  I love sitting beside you on the couch with Praise lying between us and looking at each other saying “Is this thing really ours?!”

Can we have about 50 more babies so Vocal Few can have a backing symphony orchestra?
Okay! Wait a minute… NO. Maybe we could just clone Praise. alt