Black Veil Brides have taken their dark, gothic image to the forefront of the screamo and metalcore scene, aspiring to be one of the best bands out there while remaining humble in their image. Their talent combined with their persona give them a stage presence you can’t help but be captivated by, providing us with some pretty memorable moments.

Here are some of our favorite Black Veil Brides on-stage moments.

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1. Warped Tour 2013 — “I Am Bulletproof” 

BVB certainly know how to kick off a set, using cinematic music to lead up to Andy's impressive screams. This iconic opening from the band's Warped Tour 2013 run is definitely one of our favorites. 


2. APMAs 2015 — “Album of the Year”

Taking home “Album of the Year” at the APMAs in 2015 was impressive in itself, but it's the dedication of the award that gave us all the feels. During their acceptance speech the band announced they would be receiving the award in honor of their friend and crew member Chris Holley, who passed away in June of the same year. BVB even gave the award to Holley's family. We're not crying—you're crying.


3. BVB's cover of Billy Idol's — “Rebel Yell”

It's one thing to take on a cover from a big-name artist, but to cover an icon such as Billy Idol comes with some pretty big expectations. BVB hit this one out of the park, making this one moment we couldn't possibly forget!


4. “In The End” — Warped Tour 2015

After losing crew member and beloved friend Chris Holley earlier in the month, BVB still managed to kick off Warped Tour 2015 with a very impressive set. Despite the grief that band was undergoing, BVB gave fans a memorable show while giving a quick “Chris we love you” shout out during their performance. 


5. APMAs 2014 — “Most Dedicated Fans”

BVB have always shown great appreciation towards their fan base. After winning the 2014 APMAs Most Dedicated Fans award, Andy turned around and gave the award to a BVB fan in the crowd. A real tear-jerker and another memorable moment for Black Veil Brides.

You can catch BVB frontman Andy Biersack hosting the 2017 APMAs this Monday, July 17 at 7pm EST/4pm PDT. Stream the entire show for FREE here!

What has been your favorite Black Veil Brides moment? Let us know in the comments below!