8. deadmau5 cat headphones

Sol Republic teamed up with deadmau5’s cat, Professor Meowingtons, to create tiny headphones for your feline friend. They were VERY limited edition (only 10 were made) and sold at $1,000 a pop, but all the money went toward the ASPCA.

9. The Flaming Lips trembling fetus ornament 

Maybe it’s the music or the commercial in general, but this one freaks us out.

10. Ghost dildo

[Photo by: Noisey/Vice]

The Ghost Phallos Mortuus Ritual box set included a T-shirt, metal logo charm, bible case, “divorce scroll,” a butt plug and a Papa Emeritus II-shaped dildo. This box set could have been all yours for only $200.

11. Rammstein dildo kit

Rammstein Kit
[Photo by: Amazon]

This kit comes with six dildos, each corresponding to a member of the band. Did we mention the box also comes with handcuffs?

12. The White Stripes sewing kit

The White Stripes Sewing Kit
[Photo by: Ebay]

Sold on tour in 2007, this White Stripes sewing kit came complete with red-and-black thread and exclusive buttons.

13. KISS air guitar strings

[Photo by: KISS/Twitter]

OK, remember when we said the KISS casket was the most outrageous piece of merchandise? We take that back. For a mere $3.99, you can snag your air guitar some official KISS strings…we think.

14. Iceage “stalker kit”

[Photo by: Pitchfork]

Back in 2012, Danish punk band Iceage sold custom knives at their merch table along with the disclaimer: “No, you cannot ‘see’ it. No stabbing.” The band also began selling locks of their own hair on their online merch store. For only 20 euros, you could choose a lock of any band member’s hair. WHAT?!

Would you buy any of these weird merch items? What’s the strangest thing you’ve bought from your favorite band? Sound off in the comments below!