Peabody’s/Cleveland/April 19

When it comes to extreme audience polarization, only Insane Clown Posse beats Blood On The Dance Floor for pure-vitriol tonnage. But for all the venom thrown at the duo, it can’t be denied the band’s electro-pop rave-rock cocktail sates disenfranchised youth and their stadium-trash parents alike. BOTDF’s gigs have a Juggalos-gone-wild-in-Ibiza vibe to them, filling both club floors and the hearts of youths who probably need to step away from their game consoles and go outside more often. While a million other bands will tell you how “real” they are, Dahvie Vanity and Jayy Von Monroe are too busy throwing a party. [JP]

House of Blues/Cleveland/May 25

Call it what you want: indefinite hiatus, time off, a break. They all mean the same thing: We’re breaking up. When I saw the Early November play the Cleveland House Of Blues in 2007, I figured it would be the last time I saw them live. But they got back together, came back to Cleveland, and played the same stage. They even played the same songs. (After five years, “Hair” sounds even better live than I remember.) Bands break up. But sometimes an indefinite hiatus is just that. [BM]

Bled Fest/Howell, Michigan/May 26

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a sucker for any show in a room as large as my office. I just want bands to sweat and spit on me, what can I say? Now I may still be mourning the loss of the Felix Culpa, but seeing Cut Teeth, featuring guitarist Dustin Currier of the aforementioned on vocals, rip apart a classroom at this year’s Bled Fest definitely helps ease the pain. The screeches, yelling and lack of lighting really made the mood for me. [MC]

Grog Shop/Cleveland Heights, Ohio/June 25

Motion City Soundtrack have been traipsing through the post-emo landscape for close to a decade now, so you’d almost expect them to phone it in. But the Minneapolis delegation conquered the sold-out crowd, with frontman Justin Pierre and bassist Matt Taylor delivering perfect harmony as the rest of the band drove the whole thing with aplomb. If you can’t appreciate MCS’ detail and exuberance toward their craft, I want to meet the parent/sibling/lover who hardened your heart so damn bad. [JP]

The Smiling Moose/Pittsburgh/June 26

During his tenure in Some Girls, Retox frontman Justin Pearson publicly declared that “hardcore is a men’s room.” While there’s certainly some truth to that claim, Pearson and his bandmates are always ready to stick a depth charge under the genre, thereby making things uncomfortable for both tough-guy thugs and those with delicate sensibilities alike. You could argue the songs are too short to retain in your head and too noisy to make you want to move. You could also go fuck yourself. [JP]