The first six months of 2013 came and went, wiping some of our favorite bands out of existence, changing the structures of others while also bringing death and crime. But, it’s not all bad news. Bring Me The Horizon and Paramore both released what are arguably the best albums of their careers, Fall Out Boy made their triumphant return, both New Found Glory’s Chad Gilbert and Emmure’s Frankie Palmeri recovered from electric shock, and we still have the promise of new music from this year’s Most Anticipated artists A Day To Remember and Of Mice & Men.

So, hang in there, and stay tuned all week for your mid-year readers poll results, and our top albums, songs, tours and more as well as our news recap of the year so far.

Monday —————- Best Tours / Top News
Tuesday —————- Best Videos / In Memory (The Artists We Lost)
Wednesday —————- Best Songs / Breakups and lineup changes
Thursday —————- Best Albums / The Crime Report
Friday —————- Most Anticipated Albums / Top AP Premieres

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My Chemical Romance call it quits
My Chemical Romance 2013 logo | Alternative Press
At the end of March, MCR shocked the world with their late-night, brief blog post announcing the band were breaking up after their 12-year career. All four members have since gone on to confirm they are working on new, separate projects.

Pierce The Veil and All Time Low’s Spring Fever Tour
Spring Fever Tour 2013 | Alternative Press
When news came out that two of the scene’s powerhouse bands would be embarking on a tour together, everyone lost it. It was a beautiful couple months here at the AP headquarters as we sponsored the tour, watching everyone’s enthusiasm. We never got ATL to perform “Remembering Sunday” with Vic Fuentes for you guys, but you can’t say we didn’t ask .

Brand New announce fall US Tour Dates
Brand New 2013 Tour Dates | Alternative Press
The notoriously tour-shy Brand New announced four September shows last month. We’re not sure if it was excitement over the announcement, or rage over the measly number of dates that drove you to this news item, but man did you flock! The band have also since been confirmed to play Riot Fest.

Fall Out Boy return
Fall Out Boy | Alternative Press
On the morning of February 4, all the believers who never died wept with joy as Fall Out Boy announced their highly speculated return with their latest album, Save Rock And Roll, following a four-year hiatus. They have since sold out a theater tour and have released three parts of an 11-part video saga. They embark on an arena tour with Panic! At The Disco, and Twenty | One | Pilots in September.

A Day To Remember stream new song from Common Courtesy
A Day To Remember | Alternative Press

A Day To Remembers seemingly perpetually upcoming album Common Courtesy has become something of a betting game among their fans. When will it be released? Will it be released at all? Well, at least you have “Violence (Enough Is Enough)” to tide you over while speculating. That and several upcoming tours.

Former For Today guitarist’s homophobic rant

Mike Reynolds, For Today rant | Alternative Press
In the social media rant that was heard throughout the social media world, former For Today guitarist Mike Reynolds expressed anti-homosexuality sentiments that would lead to his leaving the band, wider discussions of religion in music and For Today’s vocalist offering his phone number to fans for personal support.

Hostage Calm Vs. Rocketown 
Rocketown | Alternative Press
When a staff member at Nashville venue Rocketown was allegedly fired for wearing Hostage Calm’s “I Support Same-Sex Marriage” T-shirt, fans and bands immediately sparked to action, expressing their own support for same-sex marriage and canceling appearances there. Some even took the venue’s moment in the spotlight to create more controversy. AP spoke to both sides about the story, exposing the exaggerations and showing how quickly the story escalated.