The Story So Far “Quicksand”

What we heard: “But I’d rather gamble lose all in French toast”
What they said: “But I’d rather gamble lose all and face death”

Counterparts “Lost”

What we heard: “As far back as I can remember/Darth Vader was always there”
What they said: “As far back as I can remember/The failure was always there”

Asking Alexandria “The Final Episode (Let’s Change The Channel)”

What we heard: “Need to adopt a baby/You scared”
What they said: “You need a doctor baby/You scared”

Black Veil Brides “Children Surrender”

What we heard: “Sink your teeth into a lemon”
What they said: “Sink your teeth into forever”

Slaves “If Only We Could Change”

What we heard: “It’s the picture of your weiner”
What they said: “It’s the picture of you leaving”