moby rich
[Photo via YouTube]

L.A.-based alt duo Moby Rich are unveiling a live performance of their new track “Pocket” exclusively with AP.

The two-piece, consisting of Maxwell Joseph and Connor Pledger, released the track earlier today. Now, we’re getting a look at them performing it in a cozy, stripped-down setting.

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The stripped-down setting isn’t foreign to Moby Rich who pen most of their tracks on acoustic guitar. They also sing in unison, driving home their collaborative nature.

The track itself is all about lost love and getting over exes, a topic that the duo essentially bonded over.

“At the time we wrote it, we were both trying to get over exes, which is a rare occurrence for both of us to be going through at the same time,” the band explains. “We usually are very yin and yang, even in our personal lives, so when we were both in this situation at the same moment, we realized we had to write and talk about it.”

“Pocket” also touches on how difficult it is to get over a failed relationship.

“We talked about how we both had tried to be friends with our exes and how even though it’s not impossible to do, the song really touches on how difficult it was for us to make that transition and accept the ending of those relationships,” the band says. “We felt it was important to talk about this topic because we really feel like everyone at some point in their life experiences a similar situation and has lost somebody in some capacity. For us, that loss was very specific, but hopefully more people can connect with it even past the idea of a failed relationship.”

This is the band’s second single following the release of “Yoko Ono” last month. The difference between the tracks is very apparent to the band.

“‘Pocket’ is a very different song than our first release,” the band says. “‘Yoko Ono’ has a much more synthetic and contemporary feel, and ‘Pocket’ sits in a really organic space at moments. We wanted to show that we have that range.”

“Pocket” and “Yoko Ono” are taken from Moby Rich’s upcoming EP, which drops Oct. 26.

Check out the “Pocket” performance below: