There’s a lot to get excited about in the coming year: a new president, a new Pierce The Veil record, even another AP Music Awards show.  We teamed up with our good pal, Squiggy DiGiacomo of the Music Experience, the world’s number one experiential music retailer. We asked Squiggy to turn it all the way to 11 by spotlighting 11 of the hottest new pieces of musical gear that will be available to you amazing readers in 2016. Who knows? Maybe you try out this gear, write some hit songs and before you know it, you’ll  be sitting pretty on the cover of Alternative Press! For more info visit

MUSIC MAN (pictured above)
Modern Classics: Stingray and Cutlass Guitars ($1499;
Paying homage to the vintage styling and cosmetic appeal of the original Music Man models, these new modern classics are a perfect culmination of old-world aesthetics and styling with modern design and playability.

“I want to have a candlelit dinner with both of these guitars.”


PolyLock Strap: ($24.99;
Ever see a video of that kid swinging his guitar around like a real hot-shot and then tossing it offstage, breaking it into pieces? Let’s safely assume that if he had an Ernie Ball Polylock strap, things would have worked out way better. Don’t be that kid.

SQUIGGY SAYS: “If straps were like hot dogs, then this one is a Nathan’s with chili ’n’ cheese, topped off with world happiness.”


The CADLive D90 microphone ($99;
If you are ready to truly step up to the mic, then look no further than the CADLive D90 supercardioid dynamic handheld model. This mic is sleek, stylish and creates hot, articulate live performances every single time.

SQUIGGY SAYS: “Finally, somebody gets it!”


Sessions MH510 Headphones ($99;
Let’s leave the beats to Dre: If you want a dynamic headphone that hits crushing lows, smooth mids and clear highs, the CAD Sessions MH510 are the headphones for you. Available now in a variety of amazing colors. Don’t your ears deserve it?

SQUIGGY SAYS: “Grohl used them on Sonic Highways. I’ll repeat that: GROHL USED THEM ON SONIC HIGHWAYS!”


PRS Guitars SE A20E Acoustic Guitar ($699;
It’s no secret why Paul Reed Smith is the go-to acoustic guitar of choice of musicians every summer on the annual Vans Warped Tour. Their new SE A20E model is equal parts classic looks, flexibility and functionality.

SQUIGGY SAYS: “The SE A20E reminds me of macaroni and cheese. So creamy, so warm, so comforting.”


Takamine CP7MO-TT ($1799;
With the weather getting colder, you better make sure you are stocked up on thermals. No fear, Takamine has unveiled their new “Thermal Top” acoustic guitar, perfect for folks that want a warm, built-in tone on a cold winter’s night.

SQUIGGY SAYS: “When you strum this guitar, you instantly become a statuesque God among mortals riding a mighty Clydesdale.”


PRS S2 Standard 22 Satin ($999;
PRS‘ newest 22 Satin model is as pretty as it is playable. The vintage vibe of these guitars allows the warm, balanced resonance of the all-mahogany body to really shine. It’s the perfect punk-rock guitar for the studio, your bedroom or gigging on the highway to hell.

SQUIGGY SAYS: “When I locked eyes with this guitar, I knew that we were about to become one.”


PRS Guitars All-Mahogany “SE Standard 24” Guitar ($499;
Finally, your dreams have come true! PRS has created an affordable version of their classic axe. Loaded with all the bells and whistles, the SE Standard 24 is perfect choice for players of all levels who demand a rock-solid, reliable guitar.

SQUIGGY SAYS: “This must be a misprint with the price, this guitar is easily worth triple.”


PRS Guitars SE277 Baritone Guitar ($749;
Can’t decide whether you want to play guitar or bass? Well, don’t! This PRS baritone guitar is just for you. Tuned B to B to offer a taut muscular low end, with the flexibility of going from surf-rock jangle, to heavy down-tuned aggression. 

SQUIGGY SAYS: “Families are being brought back together because of this guitar.”


LTD B-1004SE/MS/R ($1399;
Holding down the bottom-end never felt so darn good. ESP once again is changing the game by introducing this snazzy, multi-scaled design that creates a more natural feel and consistent string tension. Why are you still reading this? Go pick one up! 

SQUIGGY SAYS: “Children will become adults in the hands of this bass.”


EVH Eddie Van Halen 5150III LBX Lunchbox ($699;
Want to sound just like Eddie Van Halen? Best of luck! But, this official EVH Lunchbox amp might get you as close as possible to the king himself. Loaded with tons of tone and crunch, this amp is not responsible for melted faces.

SQUIGGY SAYS: “If you plug into this amp and you sound like $h*T,  it is not the amp, it is 100 percent YOU.”