6. Running out of blank CDs


7. The heart attack you'd get from AOL Music First Listen

AOL was a great way to discover new music. New Music Mondays were great, but downloading a song often involved a very loud, very random yell of “AOL MUSIC FIRST LISTEN” somewhere within the song that gave you a heart attack every time you played it. There are some songs not a single one of us can listen to without expecting that haunting yell…

8. Getting everyone in the car to be quiet while you recorded your new ringtone

Ah, good ole' flip phones. The ability to record your own ringtones was incredible, but attempting to get everyone in your car to be quiet while you held your phone to your car speakers was NOT an easy task. Or how about when the radio DJ cut in early and ruined the end of the ringtone your worked so hard for?

9. Being forced to make space for new music

Long before the days of crazy amounts of memory, we were forced to delete old music in order to make room for new jams. It was sad and tragic, but sacrifices had to be made for the greater good.

10. Trying not to skip or scratch

Holding your Walkman level was crucial in making sure your song didn't skip. Every time the car hit a bump my heart would stop in fear that my CD got scratched. The day the “anti-skip” button came out was one of the greatest days of my life.

What other music struggles do you remember facing? Let us know in the comments below.