While we will always love music videos with huge budgets, crazy plotlines and lots of sick effects, sometimes there’s nothing better than one built around touring.

Check out our list below and get ready to pack a bag!

“Simple Type” – Broadside

This vid from Broadside’s latest release, Old Bones, will make you wish it’s Warped Tour—not that we live every day like that anyway.

“Lost In Stereo” – All Time Low

All Time Low were definitely on the touring grind back in 2009, and this video captures their wild spirit perfectly. (Plus, ATL in dresses…what could be better?)

“One Of Those Nights” – The Cab

For pure vintage wonderfulness, check out this video from the Cab—see if you can spot period pieces Brendon Urie, Ryan Ross, Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump.

“Hell Above” – Pierce The Veil

This video balances insane live show footage with intimate behind-the-scenes shots to show what it’s really like to be on tour with Pierce The Veil. (Apparently they love the worm?)

“Kali Ma” – Neck Deep

Neck Deep had a crazy year of touring in 2015, and this video shows all of that and more—“more”, meaning a lot of jumping around in their underwear. Uh, okay…

“Festival Song” – Good Charlotte

Hey, if you have a song named “Festival Song,” you better be ready to film it at a festival. Here, the Maddens and co. get rowdy with the crowd, along with some borderline-irresponsible lip syncing while driving and plenty of cameos.

“I’m Not Okay (I Promise)” – My Chemical Romance

While you may associate a certain MTV-famous video with this song, the first version shows the MCR boys waking up, packing and heading out on tour in their van.

“Memories” – We Came As Romans

Watching this cut from We Came As Romans won’t just make you long for tour—you’ll be wishing for adventure, too. With skydiving, high-speed go karts and a very questionable inflatable canoe, it shows the boys of WCAR are always down to get crazy.

“Out Of My Limit” – 5 Seconds Of Summer

Back when 5SOS was just four kids in a basement in Australia, they released their Somewhere New EP, including this sad banger. (Is that a thing? We’re making it a thing.) Check out some truly old-school haircuts and fashion choices in this video.

“Dead On Arrival” – Fall Out Boy

Possibly one of the best live videos of all time, this cut from FOB’s first album, Take This To Your Grave, shows the Chicago boys playing a packed hometown show.