High school can really suck sometimes—from bullies to parents who just don’t understand. Thankfully, your favorite artists get it and in turn have dropped videos that perfectly sum up what it’s like being a teenager. From All Time Low to Twenty One Pilots, head below for some videos that speak to the adolescent experience.

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All Time Low – “Good Times”

Good Times” takes on the hate thrown around by mean girls, disappointed parents and trash-tossing bullies aimed at those who are just trying to be themselves in high school (and beyond).

My Chemical Romance – “I’m Not Okay (I Promise)”

“I’m Not Okay (I Promise)” truly speaks to the teenage experience. Staged as a movie trailer, this video follows the band acting as private school students struggling with bullies, anxiety, failing tests, awkward relationships and more.

Modern Baseball – “Rock Bottom”

Modern Baseball unwillingly head back to high school in “Rock Bottom” to showcase cafeteria chaos, how much gym class sucks, the fun of sleepovers and more.

Fall Out Boy – “Dance, Dance”

From popping the (homecoming) question via candles to having to figure out how a corsage works, Fall Out Boy perfectly illustrate the awkwardness of high school dances.

Neck Deep – “Happy Judgement Day”

Neck Deep depict the boredom caused by TV Day in the classroom despite how important said video might be.

Paramore – “Misery Business”

Hayley Williams leads the crusade of taking down the high school mean girl.

twenty one pilots – “Stressed Out”

From secret handshakes to sipping on Capri Suns, Twenty One Pilots perfectly portray the fading of simpler times into full-blown adult anxiety.

We The Kings – “Check Yes Juliet”

Check Yes Juliet” offers a narrative of adolescent life—you know, if your life was a teen movie cliché. Highlights include tossing a rock at your crush’s window, avoiding an overprotective dad and sneaking out to make it to the epic house party finale.

Real Friends – “Mess”

Real Friends take us to Halloween ’95 in order to depict  the struggles of being an older sister and a younger brother.

Hellogoodbye – “Here (In Your Arms)”

Here (In Your Arms)” transports us to camp for a summer full of crushes and a verrrrry awkward dance.

Sum 41 – “Makes No Difference”

Sum 41 offer a look at a high school rager—if your rager was lucky enough to get Sum 41 to play.

Simple Plan – “Perfect”

Perfect” shows the struggle teens go through to make their parents proud, with a mantra of “I’m sorry I can’t be perfect” echoing throughout the track.

The Academy Is… – “About A Girl”

The Academy Is… released a super-relatable video showing what happens when you finally get the girl or guy (of your dreams).

My Chemical Romance – “Teenagers”

MCR sum up what it’s like being a teen so well that they made this list twice. The band capture adolescents as a whole in “Teenagers” through the antithesis of a pep rally.