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10 musicians bill their fantasy ‘Celebrity Deathmatch’

January 3, 2019
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Will Ghould, CREEPER

I remember seeing Stone Cold Steve Austin in a Celebrity Deathmatch when I was a kid, so I’d have him up against [British right-wing media personality] Katie Hopkins. I’d love to see Stone Cold ‘stunner’ her – that would be great. I hest that I’ve advocated man-on-woman violence there!

Collin Walsh, GRAYSCALE

I hate a lot of the analysts on [ESPN’s] SportsCenter; some of them are so goddamn annoying and they’re really terrible. I also hate just about every politician on both sides. So I’d have a Royal Rumble of 100 of each. All the sports analysts on one team and a lot of political people from all parties mixed in and fighting all at the same time. I’d have them go at it for an hour.

Matt Caughthran, THE BRONX

Brad Pitt and Bruce Willis. I like them both and think it would be a great. I’d like to see that fight.


Queen Latifah vs. Oprah – because that would be hilarious!


Our guitarist, Matthew Rodgers, have a fight with our guitar tech Derek, because all they do when they’re fucked up is talk about how much they’re going to beat each other’s asses but I haven’t seen it. I want to see that shit go down for real!

Written by Chelsea Smile