8. Becky Blomfield, MILK TEETH

Dumbo, because he was the little oddball, and nobody liked him. Everyone took the mickey out of him for his sticky out ears, and I have a super-sticky out ear, so I feel like I’m on the same page as him. He comes out on top in the end.

9. Lawrence “Loz” Taylor, WHILE SHE SLEEPS

Ariel [from] The Little Mermaid—she’s beautiful.

10. Will Gould, CREEPER

Peter Pan. He wasn’t even originally a Disney character; he was a J. M. Barrie character, but I like the Disney version. I like the idea of escape. The idea of escape with Creeper is a huge thing, but the idea of escaping to Neverland has always appealed to me from a young age. All the stuff that goes on when you’re growing up. Imagine flying out of the window and going someplace else. That sounds great.

11. Ben Barlow, NECK DEEP

WALL-E from WALL-E. I love that movie. WALL-E’s sick!

12. Josh Raven, THE FAIM

Goofy because he’s me, in a nutshell. He is who he is, and I love that.

13. Rob Damiani, DON BROCO

Aladdin. I rinse that. It was actually the first movie I saw at the cinema, and when I got it on video tape, I watched it over and over and over again. I thought he was a bit of a legend.

14. Lynn Gunn, PVRIS

Simba from The Lion King. That was my favorite movie when I was younger. I love lions.