Skyler McKee – Freudian by Daniel Caesar
I’ve been listening to a lot of Daniel Caesar lately. His latest record and all the collab work he’s been doing. I remember just getting into R&B just like, a lot. And so I’d say he’s one of my biggest influences. I really like his vocal work. I really like how he chooses his melody. [It’s] really interesting to me. The topics that he sings about I don’t really relate to as much, but you can feel his emotion through his vocals.


Aaron Gillespie – Dying Star by Ruston Kelly
Ruston Kelly’s Dying Star. He is that country singer, Kacey Musgraves’ husband, and he has a singer/songwriter record. Kind of spacey and I found him by accident, and I haven’t stopped listening to it in week.

Spencer Chamberlain – Kamikaze by Eminem
This year, [I’m] kind of stoked on that new Eminem. I’m thankful he came back. I don’t hate all genres. There are some radio/hip-hop stuff that’s just like kind of garbage in my mind. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but I’m glad that he said something. It’s kind of tight.


Finn Wolfhard – Wide Awake! by Parquet Courts.

Ayla Tesler-Mabe – Art Of Love by Cory Henry & The Funk Apostles
Cory Henry & The Funk Apostles put out their first record, and it’s absolutely beautiful. I love it. It’s so funky. It’s so soulful. It’s great.

Jack Anderson – Virtue by the Voidz
Finn took the album I was going to say which is Wide Awake! by Parquet Courts, so instead I will say Virtue by the Voidz because it’s deliciously weird, and I love it.

Malcolm Craig – Grapetooth by Grapetooth
I really like the new Grapetooth singles that came out this year. I’m very thankful that they’ve come out as a band. They’re so freaking good.


Shaun Cooper – Is This Thing Cursed? by Alkaline Trio
I’ve really been enjoying the new Alkaline Trio record, Is This Thing Cursed? I love them to death, and I feel like it’s a real cool return to form. They took a little while away, and I think it benefited them greatly. All the songs seem to be great. I’m listening to it with the kids. I’m cooking breakfast, [and] I’m doing this and that while I’m listening. But, I keep putting it on so I’ve been enjoying that lately.


Jason Aalon Butler Nasir by Nas
I really like that Nasir Nas album. I just thought it was a cool return for Nas. His bars were on point, the subject matter was on point [and] the beats were on point. That’s kind of the first one that comes to mind for me.

Aric Improta – Scorpion by Drake, Die Lit by Playboi Carti
Scorpion is great. It’s a double album. Die Lit is what I am most thankful for in general. Carti is from Atlanta. He’s just the best.

Stevis Harrison – On Dark Horses by Emma Ruth Rundle
There’s a record that came out today from Emma Ruth Rundle called On Dark Horses and that’s phenomenal. It’s super sick.