Collin Walsh, GRAYSCALE

I’m terrible at folding. Folding clothes or sheets or anything. It’s a weird thing,  I was never good at it. When I pack to go on tour, I’ll put my stuff in a pile, and one of our guys or someone will help me fold it. I suck at folding!

Josh Raven, THE FAIM

I’m really coordinated onstage: I dance around, I do jumps, I do kicks. But when it comes to walking around in public,  I trip over a strong breeze. Sometimes I’m just straight down. Cigarette butt on the ground? Trip over that–bang! I trip over anything.

Ben Barlow, NECK DEEP

Art. I wish I could draw way better. I can doodle, and I can do letters and all that sort of stuff, but I just wish I had real artistic talent. No matter how hard I try, it’s just never quite there.

Becky Blomfield, MILK TEETH

My hand-eye coordination is terrible. I can’t drive. I’m in my mid-20s, and I can’t drive. I’ve had lessons—it definitely does not come naturally to me.

Remington Leith, PALAYE ROYALE

I can’t whistle. It’s very difficult. I’ve tried! If it comes out, it just comes out horribly.