7. Josh Raven, THE FAIM

I really, really, really dislike the Kardashians. Not because of who they are, necessarily, more of what they represent. They represent a false image of who they are, and they give kids and other people false expectations of what they should be, when really, they should just be themselves, and that’s all that matters.

8. Becky Blomfield, MILK TEETH

I said this on Twitter, and I got really hated for it, but I’m not big on the sportswear trend that’s going on right now. I like sportswear brands, and I love gym wear, but when people are wearing head-to-toe sportswear labels. I’m not big on that, but each to their own.

9. Lawrence “Loz” Taylor, WHILE SHE SLEEPS

People who set multiple alarms to turn them all off by snoozing them—it really winds me up. Mine goes off, I’ll snooze it once, and then I get up. It’s when like people set 12—you crash over at someone’s house, and you’re like, “What is that noise?”

10. Will Gould, CREEPER

Twitter is a bit of a vortex. It doesn’t guide people to think; they talk before they think, and it’s better to mull things over first. The good thing about conversation is that you get to have a dialogue with someone, and Twitter is just your voice all the time. People post too soon. I don’t really like Twitter very much.

11. Jaret Reddick, BOWLING FOR SOUP

I cannot stand AC/DC or Led Zeppelin. They just don’t do it for me. AC/DC hurt my ears, and Led Zeppelin need to get to the point!