9. Tony Pizzuti – The Word Alive

OK, so Tony's ink isn't new, but the ink he got redone is looking better than ever.

10. Kesha

It's been a huge year for Kesha, who's made quite the comeback against what seemed like impossible odds, so her “live free” tattoos are the perfect way to commemorate her incredible year.


LIVE FREE @oblivioussurroundings ☠️

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11. Shawn Mendes

Shawn recently added to his tattoo collection by adding an intricately shaded bird to his hand that seems to be in a different position depending on if Shawn's hand is up or down. 


Look who wandered back in �� @shawnmendes

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12/13. Lights and Lynn Gunn

Sharpie tattoos count, right? Lights and Lynn went live to talk to fans during PVRIS' North American tour and ended up giving each other some new sharpie ink.


@lynngvnn and I drew bewbs on each other for strength and wisdom #blesst

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14. blackbear

Blackbear is no stranger to new ink. Here's one of many he's gotten over the course of the year. 


today was painful but one to remember

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15. Jayden Panesso – SYLAR

We are loving SYLAR vocalist Jayden Panesso's Death Note themed tattoo!

Which artist had your favorite new tattoo of 2017? Let us know your favorites below!