We're already counting down the days until Warped Tour — the long days, summer heat, and amazing music. Warped Tour memories last forever, and we talked to musicians from some of your favorite bands in the scene about their first-ever Warped Tour experiences.

Read on to see their amazing experiences, and be sure to leave your first Warped Tour memories in the comments below!

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Ash Costello, New Years Day

My first Warped Tour experience was around 2003 or 2004. It was [in] Ventura [California] and I had to sneak in, which I don't support or condone, but my mom wouldn't buy me a ticket so I had no choice. I got in just in time to see the Used play “The Taste Of Ink,” while Bert [McCracken] was climbing the sides of the stage, just about to fall onto the crowd. That moment I remember thinking, “I want to be on that stage someday, and I'll do whatever I can to get there.”

I would later get to do Warped Tour the same year as the Used, just to have Bert come to our set several times and invite me onstage for that very song that started it all: “The Taste Of Ink.”

Fil Thorpe-Evans, Neck Deep

My first Warped experience was our first time playing it. It was day one of Warped Tour 2014 and we almost missed our set because our flights had been delayed, and they also lost all our luggage, so for the first week we didn't have any clothes. I was still so stoked to be there it made no difference.

Levi Benton, Miss May I
My first Warped experience was back when I was in seventh grade during 2005 Warped Tour. I went with some friends from school and my mom. I remember waiting in line to meet Fall Out Boy and Hawthorne Heights, and running into Sonny Moore in the crowd before he went on stage with From First To Last.

I stepped off the bus in Houston in the summer of 2014 and nearly passed out from the heat. It was so hot and humid. The crowd was great for our set, but I was struggling physically so hard, I got offstage and threw up. I thought the rest of the summer was gonna be like that, but the weather never got that intense again.

Jake Kiley, Strung Out
We got to play four or five shows on the ’96 Warped Tour in Florida, and it was so rad! It was crazy to be out on tour with all the bands we were friends with, and also great to meet all the pro skaters and bands like Fishbone.

John Floreani, Trophy Eyes
I guess it would have been our first day, but I guess my first real “experience” was sitting on the grass watching our stag​e ​be paced down in Houston, Texas. There was a storm coming, I had a six-pack of beer, and I sat there in awe of how much work those guys do, day in and day out, to make sure that festival keeps going. I didn't even think I'd get to see Warped Tour and here I was playing it. It was a genuine life moment for me.

Buddy Nielsen, Senses Fail

I went in 1999 and watched Hot Water Music drink beer while wearing Tevas.

Ray Carlisle, Teenage Bottlerocket
My first Warped Tour was in 1995 at Red Rocks and Face To Face, Lagwagon, Pennywise and NOFX all played. It was different back then—you didn’t have a schedule, so you had to just stick around and see what band was playing. We saw that NOFX was about to play so we got to the front row. It was my first time seeing NOFX, and that was a standout memory. When we first signed to Fat [Wreck Chords] and Fat Mike called me, it was a dream come true. I had literally dreamed that Fat Mike would call me and it happened.

Devin Oliver, I See Stars
My very first Warped experience was back in 2005. Saosin was the very first band I had saw. I was 13 years old and had never been to a rock show of any kind at this point. So imagine my surprise when I realized what a mosh pit was. I was thrown to the ground so quick, during their first song (haha). But it was the moment I realized what kind of music I loved.

Shawn Walker, The White Noise
Honestly — and it’s funny now that I’m on it — I used to actually sneak into Warped Tour when I was a kid. I used to hop the fence with a few friends, and I really hope Kevin [Lyman] doesn’t hate me for that.