PALISADES’ Lou Miceli Jr. is excited for… BLACKBEAR

One of my favorite artists right now is blackbear, and he just dropped that full-length [digital druglord]. It was incredible, and he’s got more music on the way, so I’m really excited to see what he’s going to be coming out with soon. I’m really stoked about that. All of the new blackbear music I’m really excited to hear.


I don’t know [everyone who is]  putting out records necessarily, but some of the artists that I’ve been listening to the most—and a lot of our band has actually—are Post Malone and blackbear. And then there’s this artist called Banners who’s from the U.K.—he’s putting out new material. And then a friend of mine, [Tim Bettinson], who sings for the band Vancouver Sleep Clinic, they’re putting a new album out. It might be late 2017, but I think it’s early 2018. They’re from Australia, but he moved to LA, and he’s so talented it’s insane.

GOOD TIGER’s Derya “Dez” Nagle is excited for… BØRNS

I’m a big fan of a pop act called BØRNS. I know they’re going to be releasing an album in 2018, and I’m really looking forward to that. I’m sure that bands like Deftones and Thrice will probably be aiming for a release at some point in 2018. I always try to keep an ear out for new music, but in terms of most anticipated, I’m interested to see bands which have had a track record of releasing good albums for 10+ years. I’m always excited to see what they do next because to be surprised is always a good thing in this day and age.

KNOCKED LOOSE’s Bryan Garris is excited for… VEIN and HARM’S WAY

Next year, Vein… I assume that they’ll be releasing a record next year because they’re kind of blowing up right now. I’d love to see where they go. Harm’s Way. I heard that they’re going to be dropping a new record. I can’t wait to hear that.

WHITECHAPEL’s Zach Householder is excited for… SUICIDE SILENCE

That’s a tough one. I’m interested to hear what Suicide Silence comes to, honestly. Because they have something to prove now. They’re good friends of mine, and I’ve always been a fan, because knowing those guys, the way they are, they’re gonna throw a curveball any way they can, and they’re gonna do it the best way possible.

I PREVAIL’s Steve Menoian is excited for… BEARTOOTH

It seems like a lot of big players are probably due for an album next year. I’m super-stoked to hear what Beartooth puts out next. We’ve seen Caleb [Shomo] and the guys around different festivals and stuff, so they may be writing right now. Bring Me The Horizon’s probably due pretty soon, too. Sempiternal is one of my favorite albums of all time—they’re definitely a band that I always like to see what they do.

BLACK VEIL BRIDES’ Andy Biersack is excited for… THE FEVER 333

I know there are certain bands working on records that haven’t been announced yet. It’s hard to remember what I’m allowed to say! [Laughs.] The record I think people are going to love is that record by the Fever. [John Feldmann] produced it, and what I’ve heard was amazing.

AVATAR’s Johannes Michael Gustaf Eckerström is excited for… DEVIN TOWNSEND

Personally, as a humble citizen of Avatar Country, I usually fail to keep track on exactly what's going to be released. Every release of a band that I like or am interested usually ends up being a pleasant surprise to me. That being said, I personally hope and think, if I don't get things wrong, that 2018 will be the year we get to hear Devin Townsend's Symphony.

BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE’s Matthew Tuck is excited for… SLIPKNOT

Hopefully, we’ll get some Slipknot music. I’m a huge fan of that, always have been. It’s always albums I look forward to, and the rumors are it’s in the making, so, if that could happen, I’d love to hear that.


I've been so busy. I haven't been paying attention to anything. I'm excited for the first official Chapel release to come out. I don’t know if it's an album, but I'm excited for it. M A N I A [by Fall Out Boy]. I bet the twenty one pilots album will come out.