Jared Leto – Conservation (2015)

Thirty Seconds To Mars frontman and actor Jared Leto, a keen conservationist, became a Global Ambassador for the charity WWF a little over three years ago. The Academy Award winner and strict vegan has lent himself to this environmentalist charity in a bid to raise awareness about illegal wildlife trade and climate change to protect endangered species.

Chester Bennington – Ink, Not Mink (2009)

Almost a decade ago, Chester Bennington teamed up with PETA to promote the concept of getting a tattoo instead of purchasing fur products, which have been barbarically stripped from animals at the cost of their lives. The Linkin Park frontman also encouraged the “adopt don’t shop” ethos of adopting pets instead of buying them from breeders and crucially providing them with the proper medical care they need.

Harry Styles – SeaWorld (2015)

Teenage dream and universal heartthrob Harry Styles might be one of the nicest guys in popular music, but in the summer of 2015 he took an uncharacteristically brutal swipe at SeaWorld by starting a boycott. While onstage during a concert with his then boy band One Direction in San Diego, the original home of the marine park, Styles addressed the crowd with, “Does anybody like dolphins? Don’t go to SeaWorld!” It wasn’t long before the company reached out to Styles and personally invited him to visit the animals for himself, but the damage had already been done, with SeaWorld reporting an 84 percent drop in earnings the following month. Now, that’s power.

Coldplay Super Bowl Halftime Show – Beyoncé’s Black Panthers (2016)

The NFL Super Bowl is consistently the most-watched televised event in the world each year, so whoever is performing the halftime show knows that they will have billions of eyeballs set upon them. So when Coldplay invited Beyoncé to do a guest set during their performance, she seized the opportunity to draw attention to the Black Lives Matter movement, which fights to tackle the issue of police shooting and killing unarmed black men and women. Queen Bey dressed her backing dancers in black berets and black leather in tribute to Malcolm X and his Black Panthers, who formed exactly 50 years ago. A small cluster of the women were photographed holding a sign that read “Justice 4 Mario Woods,” a then-recent victim of law enforcement brutality.

Metallica – San Quentin State Prison (2003)

Metallica shot the music video for the title track of their 2003 record St. Anger—a mythical patron saint—at the San Quentin State Prison in California, a home of death row. It was the first show of the tour and also the first live debut for bassist Rob Trujillo. (Talk about throwing him in the deep end.) The band and crew put their own safety at risk because they so badly wanted to demonstrate that rehabilitation is achievable, encourage channeling anger in a healthier way and show that prisoners are humans, too.