my chemical romance mcr fan art
[Photos via twitter/fabiomoon, twitter/oldteeth1997, twitter/BrutalHatter]

My Chemical Romance are officially back in action, and all is right with the world. On Friday, the band returned after a six-year hiatus for an unforgettable reunion show at Shrine Expo Hall in Los Angeles.

They had a career-spanning setlist in a show that definitely lived up to the hype. The entire reunion was so emotional for many of us in the scene, so some MCR fans showed their appreciation for the reunion with some fan art. 

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Check out 10 of the best pieces of fan art to come out of the My Chemical Romance reunion below.

1. This drawing inspired by the band’s generosity toward their fans

On the night before the MCR reunion show, the band gave blankets to fans sleeping outside the Shrine. Comic book artist Fábio Moon (and brother to The Umbrella Academy illustrator Gabriel Bá) was so touched by this action that he decided to draw the scene for people to enjoy.

2. This digital drawing of Gerard Way

The night before the show, one fan shared an amazing digital drawing of Gerard Way to celebrate the return.

3. This fake tour poster

Someone was so inspired by the reunion that they made their own rendition of an MCR reunion tour poster.

4. These amazing MCR stickers

One fan made some incredible stickers with a lot of the band’s imagery that we need to put on our laptops immediately.

5. Another Gerard Way portrait

This painting of Gerard was also inspired by the reunion and resembles his Black Parade-era aesthetics.

6. A print illustration of the band’s imagery

This fan used the band’s symbolism in a printmaking style to create some seriously trippy art.

7. A Mikey Way portrait

Someone made this digital rendition of bassist Mikey Way jamming out and smoking a cigarette in style.

8. This Black Parade nutcracker

Why put out regular nutcrackers for the holidays when you can have an MCR-inspired one? This piece of fan art isn’t only creative but festive, as well.

9. This chilling drawing of Frank Iero

This spot-on drawing of Frank Iero is a perfect way to commemorate the iconic reunion. It’s a downright spitting image of the guitarist.

10. A comic strip inspired by the show

One artist decided to imagine the band before the show at the Shrine in this adorable comic strip, which is pretty fitting for a band fronted by The Umbrella Academy comics creator.