my immortal enemy
[Photo by: Cat Eye View Photography]

Resurgent rock project My Immortal Enemy have been on a roll since their formation last year, teaming up with AP to share their second track, “Atlas.”

The band are fresh off the release of their debut track, “The Laughing Heart,” and are looking to build steam as they approach the release of their debut album, AKUMA.

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Lead by former I Am Ghost frontman Steven Juliano, the band took the past year to record their debut album in Santa Cruz, California.

Juliano says the latest track is something that all listeners can identify with as he expresses dealing with a toxic relationship.

“I believe everyone can relate to this song,” Juliano says. “Your mind says run, but your heart has other ideas.”

The latest song was one of the first penned after the band’s formation, which Juliano hopes will set the tone for the band going forward.

“‘Atlas’ was one of the first songs we wrote, and although it’s one of the more ‘ballady’ songs on our new album, we still think it bangs,” he says. “It bangs because it’s an honest song. Everything about us is honest.”

“Atlas” hits streaming service April 2, but you can check out the new song below now.

AKUMA drops this summer. You can follow updates on the band and their upcoming debut album here.

My Immortal Enemy are set to play the Spring Break River Bash 2019 at SmokeHouse Bar and Grill in Kingsburg, California April 19. Powerman 5000 and 96 Bitter Beings will also perform, and you can grab your tickets here.