My Body Sings Electric “Unimpressive” video is anything but

January 18, 2016
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Denver-based indie-pop group My Body Sings Electric hit up AltPress to bring you an exclusive premiere of their new music video for “Unimpressive.”

“This song is closely influenced by a really bad tour from last year,” lead singer Brandon Whalen explains. “It was one of those tours where you get home and think, ‘what the fuck am I doing with my life?’ It was basically me taking a chance to say exactly what I wanted to my family and friends while I was on that tour.”

Like a true indie band, MBSE filmed the video in guitarist Jeff Fedel’s garage with armed with a production budget of $100 and supplies from a local art store, which resulted in something viewers will find quite contrary to its track title.

“Unimpressive” is the first track on the band’s 3-song EP, Franklin Tapes: Side A, which was entirely written, produced and created by the band. The EP, described by MSBE as “the most raw and honest music we’ve ever made,” can be purchased here.

Franklin Tapes: Side A is only the beginning. The band will be releasing a follow-up EP entitled, Franklin Tapes: Side B in February. 

Written by Sarah Force