My Chemical Romance have been gone for a while now, but that doesn’t mean that they’ll ever really leave our hearts.

Check out these relateable memes that will let you relive your favorite MCR memories over and over—and please try not to cry.

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Everyone knows this, right?

my chemical romance meme

When you know this would still be you if you had the chance 

my chemical romance meme

And when it’s just not the right time

my chemical romance meme

Dressing up for Halloween is still like…

my chemical romance meme spongebob

And the fear is real

my chemical romance gerard meme

When being a fashion icon was a high priority 

my chemical romance meme gerard way

And you know they worked hard to look good 
my chemical romance gif

Not everyone always had the same opinion 

mcr meme cancer

But you know you just had so much in common 

When people just don’t understand 

[Gif by: Giphy]

But you know at a moment’s notice you’ll be there

my chemical romance meme

Diva Gerard

MCR meme Gerard

Don’t talk about it

MCR meme

Get outta here

MCR meme