Former AP&R band My City, My Secret, who are managed by Tyler Carter of Issues, have teamed up with AP to premiere their debut EP.

A.I. will officially be released on August 1, 2014 via iTunes. It was recorded and mixed by Grant McFarland and Carson Slovak (August Burns Red, Texas In July) and features co-writes with Caleb Shomo of Beartooth

The band provided AP with the song meanings for each track: “If you're going to make an album (EP) you might as well go all out and create each song as if the whole universe will hear and be effected by it. When heart and imagination are applied, songs can make for some of the best stories. On this EP we really wanted to have each song be its own story with its own message. “Oblivion” is about creating in your mind a world of constant confusion, non-belief and self doubt. “A.I” was written as a rally song for our Dream Beings, to offer them strength when their weak and remind them that no matter what anyone says, life can be as vibrant and big as they can dream it to be. “P.O.W” is the story about a brave warrior trapped behind enemy lines and how his power of will helped him escape and how it can help anyone overcome even the toughest of obstacles. “The Discovery” is for anyone being pulled under by the weight of a situation they need to let go of. The future you want cannot be reached if your past is pulling you back. Last but not least, “Xenophobia” is about the overwhelming fear of our unknown future and how disastrous it can be. Whatever your future may be, right now you're alive, embrace it. We really hope you all enjoy this EP as much as we do.”