[Photo by: Joe Perri]

YouTube sensation Nathan Sharp—better known to fans as NateWantsToBattle—is premiering a music video for his original song “Heroes Never Die,” off his new album Sandcastle Kingdom.

Sharp is known for his YouTube channel where he releases popular covers of songs by everyone from Green Day to Ed Sheeran, but Sandcastle Kingdom—released in early March—features 10 of Sharp's original songs.

“It was such a blast to film!” Sharp says about the music video. “Every moment was a highlight. To be able to perform in a laser tag arena acting out all of these fun scenes taught us that we love what we do for a living and are having the most fun with it that we can.”

Check out the video for “Heroes Never Die” below:

Sharp also answered a few questions about the meaning of the song—and about those rad vests—exclusively with Alternative Press! 

Alternative Press: What does the song “Heroes Never Die” mean to you, and is there a message you hope fans take away after listening?
Sharp: This song was written with the sole purpose of getting the crowd excited. While a lot of the music on the album deals with life issues, this song is just all about fun and having a good time. As well as having a few nods to the game Overwatch! The song definitely reflects the energy shot at the set. It’s a distinct opening that existing fans recognize quickly. For new listeners, it’s an attention-grabber. And it shows that we’re all here to have a good time with some good ol’ rock 'n' roll.

And we have to ask: Were you able to keep one of those amazing vests?
I WISH! Those were the laser tag arena’s property and it was nice enough to even lock down the location. It was a pretty empowering outfit, though! Not gonna lie.

NateWantsToBattle currently has over 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube. You can check out his covers and other original songs on his channel.

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