After months on the road, Never Let This Go had acquired plenty of memories—and Taco Bell sauce packets. What else can you do with that many sauce packets? Create a lyric video, of course.

The band is teaming up with Alternative Press to debut their Taco Bell lyric video for “Love,” and it has quite the backstory. Over a period of four months, NLTG toured to every corner of the country, covering 26,307 miles. 

They made nearly 50 stops at Taco Bell locations in Los Angeles, Seattle, Boston, Orlando and everything in-between.

[Photo by: Luxicon Photography]

“It was a very random idea I had on one of our long drives,” vocalist David Kleinebreil explains. “We love Taco Bell and we love playing music, so we decided to combine the two.”

The video is as original as it is delicious—our mouths are watering, and we can't help but dance along to their catchy single.

“A great thanks to our friend Jacob Reynolds for shooting, editing and always helping us to bring our ideas to life,” the band shared.

Give the creative video a watch below!

Never Let This Go are currently on the “Best Summer Ever” tour with Shatterproof. Check out the remaining list of cities and dates below, and get your tickets here!

June 23 – Dallas, TX – Dirty 30
June 24 – Austin, TX – Sidewinder 

What are your thoughts on the band’s Taco Bell-inspired video? Let us know in the comments below!