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10 rising Australian pop-punk bands you need to hear

Get ready for an Aussie takeover.

November 25, 2020
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The Down Under is giving rise to some of the most prominent artists of the modern pop-punk scene. With bands such as With Confidence, Tonight Alive and Trophy Eyes, the catalytic contributions of Australia can’t be understated.

As is the case in all notable scenes, though, the underground runs deep. And with seemingly endless music coming from streaming platforms and social media, it’s easy to miss out on likely favorites. Never fear, we’ve compiled a list of rising Australian pop-punk bands who we believe are one big break from mainstream success.

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HQ: Brisbane
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CHECK OUT: Out Of Time,” “Can’t Hide From What Hurts,” “Care At All

Between their name and classic pop-punk leanings, it’s hard to believe Columbus aren’t coming straight from the U.S. Midwest. The group are ripe with angst and energy, delivering melancholic lyrics with evocatively melodic backings. It’s a familiar yet totally modern sound—and one that rightfully earned shared stages with the Ataris and You Me At Six.

All Hours

HQ: Brisbane
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CHECK OUT: Begin Again,” “Black Rose,” “Saving Grace

We’re two for two so far on Brisbane-hailing bands. And for good reason because the scene is churning out groups such as All Hours. This high-energy outfit put a post-hardcore twist on the pop-punk revival with powerful, vivid vocals to boot. They’re a must-listen for anyone looking for a healthy dose of mid-2000s, Warped Tour-style nostalgia.

A Swift Farewell

HQ: Sydney
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CHECK OUT: The Fire,” “Shadow In The Dark,” “The Rain

With influences as iconic as Stand Atlantic and With Confidence, it’s no wonder A Swift Farewell are taking the scene by storm. With just a year under their collective belt, they’ve already earned radio slots and an opening set for Hands Like Houses. And it’s no surprise why. From heartwrenching to headbanging, the band tick off every facet of pop punk.

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We Set Signals

HQ: Brisbane
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CHECK OUT: We’ll Watch The World End,” “Terminus,” “Where Were You

We Set Signals are bringing all the genre-bending 2000s nostalgia you could ask for. Infusing elements of post-hardcore, the outfit put a seriously metal spin on classic pop-punk sounds. Their most recent album, Ordois particularly emblematic of their niche, bouncing effortlessly between catchy hooks and heavy breakdowns.

Colour & Shade

HQ: Melbourne
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CHECK OUT: Therapy,” “Composure,” “Hindsight

First of all, if you ever wanted a gritty cover of 5 Seconds Of Summer‘s “Youngblood,” Colour & Shade deliver. This outfit definitely lean toward the heavy side, but their pop-punk influence is made clear in their choruses. The whole sound is reminiscent of the post-hardcore heyday. And while definitely not for the faint of heart, they’re worth a listen for any 2000sscreamo fan.

Dear Seattle

HQ: Sydney
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CHECK OUT: Daytime TV,” “Maybe,” “The Meadows

Pop punk’s nothing without a little bit of snark, and Dear Seattle have that down pat. The band have accumulated a well-earned following over their short tenure and are sure to become a guiding force in the next wave of the genre. But what else could we expect from a group of guys who have shared stages with Citizen and Silverstein?

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HQ: Melbourne
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CHECK OUT: Fallen,” “The Light That I Found,” “Replace Me

If you like your pop punk heavy, raw and emo as fuck, then Reside are a definite must-listen. Self-described as a “brute-force injection of aggression, charisma and enough diversity to satisfy any standard,” the outfit bring their own signature flair to a medley of different 2000s-rooted genres. Having played UNIFY Gathering 2020 alongside names such as Architects, Northlane and Polaris, it’s no wonder this eclectic group are quickly gaining traction.

The Dead Love

HQ: Sydney
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CHECK OUT: Small Talk,” “My Friends,” “Young & Dysfunctional

Listen to the “My Friends” video above and just try telling us it isn’t both a pop-punk and 2020 anthem. Yet another icon of the Sydney alternative scene, the Dead Love are a beacon of the pop-punk revival with a notable grunge twist. Between their relatable AF lyrics and energetic instrumentals, it’s not hard to see why they’ve managed to share stages with the Story So Far, Basement and Yours Truly.


HQ: Melbourne
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CHECK OUT: Whatever, Nevermind,” “Three Twenty-Seven,” “Wasted

With a name like Snark, this act are all but guaranteed to turn some heads in the pop-punk sphere. And the best part is they live up to it. Between their catchy lyrical angst and energetic lo-fi backings, they’re nothing if not cheeky in the best way. Case in point: This writer hasn’t been able to shake “Whatever, Nevermind” from her head all day.

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HQ: Newcastle
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CHECK OUT: Secrets,” “Heart Opens,” “Pain Relief

If the support of Mom Jeans and the Dangerous Summer is any indication, it’s just a matter of time before Sleepeaser blow up big in the scene. Though obviously rooted in pop punk, the Newcastle outfit deliver a raw, indie-leaning sound that screams classic emo. With their deeply otherworldly vibe, the band differ significantly from many others on this list but are definitely worth the listening diversion.

Who’s your favorite rising artist in the Australian pop-punk scene? Let us know in the comments below!

Written by Mala Mortensa