13 new songs you need to hear this week
Photos by: LVL UP/SubPop/Shawn Brackbill, Hippo Campus/Grand Jury, ERRA/Sumerian

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  1. LVL UP — “Orchard”

After announcing that they are calling it quits, the lo-fi indie-rock band LVL UP are bidding us farewell with this final tune. With light, airy instrumentals and driving percussion, “Orchard” makes the band’s breakup even more bittersweet. LVL UP’s last LP, Return To Love, is available here.

  1. ERRA — “Disarray”

With a spacey new music video to match, ERRA’s song “Disarray” features perfectly executed vocal performances and bass lines that absolutely rip. With a slow, building bridge, “Disarray” erupts with emotion, making ERRA’s new track one of our favorites yet. The track is from the band’s forthcoming album Neon, out Aug 10. You can preorder your copy here.

  1. Nekokat — “My Brain”

Nekokat just dropped “My Brain,” a song from their new EP Pleasure Beach. Slick, electro-pop background instrumentals paired up with a light pop-punk aura complement the song’s catchy lyrics perfectly. Composed of members from both the Ready Set and the Summer Set, this project exerts subtle tinges of the past, while at the same time being something new and refreshing.

  1. Hippo Campus — “Passenger”

With a perfect balance of electric, bopping synths and lofty harmonies, Hippo Campus’ stand-alone single “Passenger” is a pure reflection of the ever-growing talent behind this indie-pop band. You can pick up your copy of the band’s latest release, Landmark, here.

  1. Belmont — “Hollowed Out”

Energetic and crafty guitar work are only a few of the things that this Chicago pop-punk band have going for them. Belmont’s latest single “Hollowed Out” is perfect for fans of the Story So Far and Counterparts. The band’s upcoming self-titled full-length record will be out Aug. 17. You can preorder the album here.

  1. Welles — “Rock N Roll”

Welle’s latest album Red Trees And White Trashes is filled to the brim with garage-band goodness. “Rock N Roll” is teeming with gritty energy reminiscent of Ty Segall and Nirvana. You can pick up your copy of Red Trees And White Trashes here.

  1. For The Better — “Silence”

For The Better are giving the genre of metalcore a creative edge. “We really wanted ‘Silence’ to solidify what our audience should expect on the rest of the album,” guitarist Jake Pomeroy says. “We are ultimately really excited to see how they take it all in.” “Silence” is from the band’s upcoming album, set to release later this year.

  1. Spirit Animal — “Karma”

Spirit Animal’s “Karma” is a power-punching single full of fun, dynamic instrumentation, which makes sense considering the song’s story. “We wrote ‘Karma’ in Tenacious D’s L.A. rehearsal space under the watchful eye of a giant demon painted on the wall by Perry Farrell,” guitarist Cal Stamp says. “Considering we’d been sleeping on each other’s couches for the better part of three years, this might be the most personal song on the album. Seems only fitting that we use it to announce our major label debut.” “Karma” is from the band’s upcoming album Born Yesterday, out Aug. 3.

  1. Gymshorts — “Breathin On Me”

Rhode Island band Gymshorts shred with this buoyant, punk tune. With impeccable licks that make it impossible to sit still, “Breathin On Me” is a killer song about taking care of your teeth and keeping your breath smelling fresh. With tinges of surf-rock and grunge, Gymshorts are sure to be a band to keep your eye on. Their upcoming album KNOCK KNOCK is set to release this August.

  1. SMUG — “All Used Up”

Shooting the above video entirely by themselves, pop-punk band SMUG are bringing the genre back to its roots. “All Used Up” contains everything a good, DIY pop-punk anthem needs: tireless and upbeat guitar parts, relatable lyrics and comradery.

  1. Muncie Girls — “Picture Of Health”

From their upcoming LP, Fixed Ideals, “Picture Of Health” is another song from Muncie Girls about taking care of yourself. Fun, amped up guitars with catchy hooks push the band’s ideals. You can preorder Fixed Ideals here.

  1. Whitney Peyton  — “Summer”

Featuring Craig Mabbitt from Escape The Fate, Whitney Peyton just dropped a slick, new song titled “Summer.” With heavy R&B and hip-hop vibes, Peyton’s track has arrived just in time for the hot months to come.

  1. FTRZ — “Models”

FTRZ just dropped this fresh, swinging pop track. “‘Models’ is about the journey through our past of substance abuse that lead us to be the better people we are today,” Chet Hanks says. “How the wrong path can lead you to the right path if you make a change.‎” ‎You can preorder the duo’s upcoming release The Ocean Park EP, out Aug. 24, here.