10 New Songs - Gloria Rose, talker, candescents

10 new songs you need to hear this week

November 9, 2018
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You’re welcome: We’ve made finding new songs by rising bands easy. Each week, we’re gathering the best from the underground and offering it to you in one, concise list. Scroll to the end and check out our Spotify Discover playlist, featuring these tracks and more!

In return, we want to hear your favorite. Let us know what track you’ll be spinning for the rest of the weekend in the comments!

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1. Jason S. Thompson – “Timezones”

If you need to slow things down in your hectic life, this is the song for you. This singer/ songwriter has a hauntingly beautiful voice that will send shivers down your spine. Melodic acoustic guitar paired with effortless, pain-ridden vocals will give you a lot to reflect on. The song comes from his new EP Half Empty, available now.

2. Teamonade – “Void”

Garage-rock band Teamonade will give you every nostalgic vibe you require for your new songs’ playlist. With a perfect blend of poppy lyrics and punk bass and guitar lines, you will be transported back in time. Plus, the lyrics are pure poetry and super relatable.

3. Gabriella Rose – “Lost In Translation”

This songstress is well ahead of her time. At the tender age of 16, she is using music to navigate the ups and downs of relationships. Chilling vocals, a catchy chorus and relatable lyrics form a beautiful track, which will pull you in immediately. This comes from her debut EP Lost In Translation, out Feb. 2019.

4. The Candescents – “Drink Your Paradise”

This Columbus-based indie-rock quartet are undoubtedly what you need for your weekend. With dance-inducing pop rhythms intertwined with guitar riffs reminiscent of ’90s punk rock, this song will be on loop. The group are heading out on tour this fall in support of Pale Waves.

5. Dear Desolate – “Jessica”


Heavy music fans can rejoice for Dear Desolate’s recently released song “Jessica.” Sick riffs, dark, twisted lyrics and head bangin’ melodies make this an essential for any nü-metal fan’s playlist. The track is taken from their forthcoming EP, which is set to release in 2019.

6. talker – “Intimidated”

This enigmatic singer and guitar player is just what the doctor ordered. Gorgeous lyrics juxtaposed with a simple and sweet acoustic musical background build to the perfect emo finish for a sublime ending.

7. Fat Heaven – “Crybaby”

Reminiscent of Simple Plan and Sum 41, this group will satisfy your pop-punk craving. A catchy chorus and catchier guitar riffs will keep you head banging and throwing your devil horns up all day. The track is taken from their Crybaby EP, which dropped Nov. 9.

8. The Castor Troys – “We Are One”

Need a good song to pump you up for a long day? This classic punk-rock track might even fuel you up better than your morning caffeine boost. You’ll be screaming along with these powerful vocals and air-guitaring these riffs all week long. The track is taken from their Legends Never Die EP, which was released Nov. 9.

9. TONKS – “Giles Corey”


Sometimes less is more, especially in the case of this music project. TONKS, which is the solo project helmed by Dryjacket bassist Ian Foley, uses his guitar to supplement his bittersweet love story, which may serve as a mirror. Heads-up: You are probably going to cry. The song appears on his debut full-length Windows Down & Dying, which drops Nov.16.

10. Hold Fast Hope – “Fade”

You can take a trip down memory lane with Hold Fast Hope in their new song “Fade.” The track comes from their Traitors EP. With an undeniable classic-rock sound, “Fade” highlights the pain of disappearing from someone’s life.

Written by Maria Serra