We’ve been documenting the Fever’s fervent emergence from their debut donut shop show to Travis Barker’s guest spot at their first club gig, and we can’t wait to see what else they have up their strident, socially conscious sleeves. Who would’ve thought that members of letlive., the Chariot and Night Verses were gonna give us this generation’s Rage Against The Machine?
Headquarters: Inglewood, California
Check out: “We’re Coming In”


We’ve got to include the Accuser if only to wonder where the rest of their music is! Last year, when Abigail Williams frontman Ken Sorceron dropped the first track of this delicious, new black-metal project (so named for AW’s most recent album), we figured we’d have a full-length record by now. Alas, Sorceron’s been on the road with the Faceless for most of the year. Get on it, Ken!
Headquarters: Olympia, Washington
Check out: “Untitled IV”


No trend ever fully dies, and the Los Angeles-based Dirty Machine are doing their best to keep ’90s nü metal alive. This crew is as close as you’ll get to a full-on reincarnation of Limp Bizkit, and the band’s members even made a big deal out of petitioning Fred Durst to manage them. Call us nostalgic, but the heavy riffs and record scratches of “Discord” get us jumping.
Headquarters: Los Angeles
Check out: “Discord”


Krimewatch inject some much-needed variation into the aforementioned, dude-heavy tunes. These NYC hardcore punkers don’t let up with the furious, fiery and often Japanese-sung beat-downs on their 2016 demo EP.
Headquarters: New York City
Check out: “No Sympathy”
Listen on: Bandcamp


Fleshkiller are tackling extreme metal at the top of their ability with a lineup that includes members of Extol (Norway), Shining (Sweden) and the Burial (Indiana, U.S.). They just dropped a new full-length, Awaken, on Indie Recordings internationally and on Facedown in the States.
Headquarters: All over
Check out: “Warfare”