New Politics and Five Knives drummers team up for Fetty Wap cover (exclusive)

December 11, 2015
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Drummers Louis Vecchio (New Politics) and Shane Wise (Five Knives) have collaborated on a dual drum cover of Fetty Wap’s “Trap Queen,” exclusively on AP.

“This was a fun one,” says Wise. “New Politics had stopped in Nashville before their tour with Andrew McMahon. We all went for drinks to catch up, during which, Louis and I had the fun idea of doing a dual drum cover during their tour stop in Nashville. ‘What song should we do?’ I asked. Louis, without losing a beat replied, ‘Fetty Wap Trap Queen!’”

“Shane is one the best the drummers and people I know,” adds Vecchio. “Couldn't of been a better dude to do this with. We toured together a while ago and geeked out over drum stuff a bunch then, so this was inevitable. ‘Trap Queen’ came about kind of out of nowhere actually. I had been listening to the song I thought it was cool and I always liked the groove and I made a suggestion. Shane loved it and we went forward from there.”

Check out their video for their dual cover of “Trap Queen” below.


Written by Jake Hanson