[Photos by: Parade Of Lights/Paul Moore, Barely Civil/Lainey Koch Photography]

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Barely Civil – “Eau Claire? Oh, Claire.”

Wisconsin-based indie act Barely Civil announced their signing to Take This To Heart Records, announced their debut album, We Can Live Here Forever, and released the record’s brooding, emo-laden first single “Eau Claire? Oh, Claire.”

Super Whatevr – “Telelelevision”

Alt-rock act Super Whatevr released their debut album Never Nothing yesterday, featuring the band’s fourth single “Telelelevision.”

Marigold – “Salt”

Alt act Marigold released Counterfeit Art (Reprise), an acoustic reworking of tracks from his first album, featuring “Salt.”

LOYALS – “Hold On”

Nashville-based alt-pop act LOYALS released their new single “Hold On,” taken from their self-titled debut album, out Feb. 2.

Sun Arcana – “Everybody”

Essex-based Sun Arcana share a softer side on their new song “Everybody.”

Sunsleep – “Thicker Skin”

Dallas-based alt rock act Sunsleep debuted their poignant new single “Thicker Skin.”

Hockey Dad – “I Wanna Be Everybody”

Hockey Dad released their new single “I Wanna Be Everybody,” taken from their forthcoming album Blend Inn, out Feb. 9.

AViVA – “Drown”

Australian alt rock act AViVA released “Drown,” a pulsating new single inviting listeners to embrace the unknown.

Parade Of Lights – “Tidal Waves”

Alt-pop act Parade Of Lights released their new single “Tidal Waves.”