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Lil aaron — “Anymore ft. Kim Petras”  

Los Angeles-based rapper lil aaron teamed up with pop singer Kim Petras in his latest single “Anymore.” The song is from his latest EP, released Thursday, ROCK$TAR FAMOU$. The rapper lays it all out in the new single, and expresses his loneliness and heartbreak over someone who has now become a stranger to him. You can stream the whole album here.

The Regrettes — “Helpless”

In the latest installment of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamildrops series, the Regrettes turn the fan-favorite song “Helpless” into the perfect tune for summer. The L.A.-based band put a West Coast spin on the Hamilton hit, and we can’t stop listening to it. The band released their latest EP in February, which you can stream here.

Oh, Weatherly — “Here Tonight”

Oh, Weatherly released their first single and video for “Here Tonight” off their upcoming album, and it will probably be stuck in your head for the rest of the day. The album, Lips Like Oxygen, will be out July 27. According to lead vocalist Blake Roses, the album conveys the lessons he’s learned and the people in his life who “mean/meant” the most to him.

Fickle Friends — “Say No More (Acoustic)”

Fickle Friends took one of their most popular indie-pop hits and slowed things down in their latest song. The band released an acoustic version of “Say No More,” which arguably packs a more emotional punch than the original. The song originally appeared on their debut full-length album You Are Someone Else, which released earlier this year. The band are headed on tour this fall, and you can check out all of the dates here.  

The Menzingers — “Toy Soldier”

The Menzingers surprised fans with a new song “Toy Soldier,” which focuses on the uncertain and frightening future in a song that sounds upbeat and catchy. Greg Barnett’s gritty vocals emit lyrics such as “What am I to do with all this sorrow/There’s so much to be sad about these days” that make the song memorable. Fans are unsure if this release means a new album is in the works, but they can at least hope.

Neverkept — “Vertigo”

Check out Neverkept’s first single “Vertigo,” as well as the music video the band released with the track. The song contrasts bright music with a darker theme to highlight the idea of growing in life through challenges, according to drummer Pete Adams.

Everyone Dies In Utah — “X”

Everyone Dies In Utah have debuted a powerful new song, “X,” that sheds light on mental health for Mental Health Awareness month. The song, based on vocalist Danny Martinez’s experiences with depression affecting his family, talks about having someone in your life who is struggling with their mental health.

IDLES — “Colossus”

IDLES just dropped their first track of 2018, “Colossus,” and a beautiful video to go alongside the booming song. The band also tweeted that something new would be coming next week, so stay tuned.

Dropout Kings – “Scratch & Claw”

This new track from Dropout Kings is perfect to listen to when you’re angry and need to let it out. The single is off their upcoming album AudioDope, which you can preorder here.

Mallrat — “Groceries”

Mallrat just released a new EP, which features upbeat pop songs such as “UFO (feat. Allday)” and “Better.” One of the previously unreleased tracks, “Groceries,” should not be missed on In The Sky. You can stream the entire record here.

Future Thieves — “Dark Spin” 

Future Thieves released a new single “Dark Spin” off of their upcoming self-titled album, which will be released Sept. 7.