Nine Shrines are premiering their music video for “King Of Mercy.” The band features Andrew Wetzel (ex-Attack Attack!), Andrew Baylis (ex-Life On Repeat), Devon Voisine (ex-Life On Repeat), Chris Parketny (ex-Strangers To Wolves) and Evan Mckeever (ex-Downplay).

“With the 'King of Mercy' video, we wanted to try something different and shoot a strictly storyline video,” says drummer Andrew Wetzel. “The song and the video both revolve around taking a big risk for someone and ultimately being betrayed by them.” 

Pre-order the upcoming EP here or purchase “King of Mercy.”

Nine Shrines will perform Aug. 13 at Express Live in Columbus, Ohio. Check them out alongside Volbeat, Red Sun Rising and Devour the Day

[Header photo courtesy of Lily McLaughlin]