[Photo by: Vans Warped Tour]

[Photo by: Vans Warped Tour]

It’s been a dream for many to work on Vans Warped Tour, and with the final cross-country run of the festival upon us, there’s no better time to get involved, make a difference and learn about the nonprofit side of Warped Tour—all while getting in for free.

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Volunteering for one or more of your local Warped Tour dates is a great way to get insight behind the festival and see how so many nonprofit organizations are making a difference by using music to engage fans with real-life issues that need our attention. It’s important to note that while a majority of nonprofits will give you a little bit of time throughout the day to catch your favorite bands, you are there to work and help make a difference.

Check out the following organizations and how you can join them this summer on Vans Warped Tour.

1. A Voice For The Innocent

A Voice For The Innocent (AVFTI) provides a community of support for victims of rape and sexual abuse and gives them a safe, judgment-free platform to share their story, find support and connect with local resources. Volunteers should be at least 16-years-old and feel comfortable talking to victims about their experiences. Accepted volunteers will be notified of their approval by the end of the month and will be trained on how to talk about these heavy topics. Volunteers will also be asked within the application if they would like to participate in AVFTI’s fundraiser this April where you will have the chance to earn unique Warped Tour experiences like backstage tours, dinner in catering, personal meet and greets and more. Those interested in volunteering with AVFTI should click here to fill out the application!.

2. Feed Our Children NOW!

If you’ve ever been to Warped Tour, you’ve seen the Feed Our Children NOW! tent set up right outside the venue entrances. They’re the ones you donate three canned foods, one used cellphone or $5 in exchange for early entrance to the festival. This nonprofit is aiming to make a difference by organizing and managing food drives to address the ever-growing problem of hunger in the United States. Those interested in helping with the organization's social media should email [email protected] for more information, otherwise click here to get started!

3. Can You Hear Me?

CYHM works toward ending the stigma that surrounds mental health issues while providing a supportive and empowering community for those struggling with mental health, bullying and peer pressure. Teens and young adults are provided with a safe online platform where they can speak up and be heard without fear of judgment or ridicule. Those interested in volunteering should visit the CYHM website, scroll to the bottom of the page and select the dates they wish to participate.


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4. Student Conservation Association (Warped Eco)

The mission of Student Conservation Association is to “build the next generation of conservation leaders and inspire lifelong stewardship of the environment and communities by engaging young people in hands-on service to the land.” Volunteers will participate with recruitment and hands-on service, as well as the assistance in various activities within the organization. Additionally, volunteers will assist with recycling duties focusing on backstage and tour bus areas. Worried about missing out on seeing your favorite bands perform? Don’t worry, you will still have PLENTY of time to do that. To apply, click here!

5. Keep A Breast Foundation

Keep A Breast Foundation has a simple but powerful mission: to equip young people with breast health education early on in their lives. This means getting out there and talking to them face-to-face on their own turf and in their own voice about breast cancer. Volunteers will help empower young people all across the country while becoming their own health advocate. Check out their website for more information!