Canadian-born, Jamaica-raised rapper/singer Nova Rockafeller is teaming up with Alternative Press to premiere her latest release, New Music.

The free collection of tracks, which will be available to the public Christmas Eve, blends the worlds of hip-hop and ‘90s pop rock.

Rockafeller spent September on tour opening for All Time Low and Set It Off.

“This is the product of a lot of time spent in a little purple room with a few of my best friends after we decided that we didn't care about anybody's expectations and we just wanted to have fun,” Rockafeller says. “Touring with All Time Low and Set it Off earlier this year really inspired me to want to just have a blast and start thinking about my own dualities.”

With these tracks, she shares that she wanted to pay tribute to her years as an MC and her undying love for bands like Weezer, Good Charlotte and Blink 182.

Rockafeller shares that she loves pop music, but she didn’t want to “adhere to all the rules.”

“This is my anti-pop,” she says of New Music.