A 5 Seconds Of Summer tattoo that Ashton Irwin drew himself

This fan got to meet 5SOS’s Ashton Irwin and had a strange favor to ask—that he draw her a little treble clef. Apparently, Irwin said he “doesn’t know how to draw those” but did it anyway. The fan later got the tattoo behind their ear, and it’s pretty much the greatest idea we’ve ever heard.

Some more recent Paramore ink to commemorate the band’s latest tour

Paramore fans really go all-out with their tattoos—from intricate portraits of Hayley Williams to those iconic butterfly wings from the band’s sophomore album. This fan had such a blast following Paramore around the country for their latest tour, they got a tattoo of a colorful cassette to commemorate their summer. We don’t know what makes us more jealous: the tattoo or that they got to spend their summer following Paramore across the country.

This blunt All Time Low tattoo with a beautiful design

All Time Low’s “Therapy” inspired this ink, which includes a person in a suit and tie who has a TV for a head. The text reads “Arrogant Boy,” which comes directly from the song. The shading on the piece is stunning enough for even non-ATL fans to admire.

A My Chemical Romance tattoo that is both beautiful and bloody

Inspired by My Chemical Romance’s compilation album Conventional Weapons, this tattoo features a bloody rose and a bloody knife making an “X.” Even though most MCR fans have opted to get tattoos based on other albums, this design encapsulates the band perfectly.

Some anatomical Waterparks ink that keeps it low-key

This tattoo, inspired by Waterparks’ track “Sleep Alone,” is both simple and detailed. It features a hand holding a heart, playing on the lyric, “You hold me by the heart and you wear my soul.” Only true Waterparks fans would be able to spot the reference, as the tattoo has no signification that the art was based on the song.