In the last installment of our MI Conversation Series, Of Mice & Men comment on their favorite songs from Cold World, their love of sports and the craziest memories they have from touring with Marilyn Manson and Slipknot. But they find some of the questions are easier to answer than others, especially when it comes to deciding on a favorite lyric. Bassist Aaron Pauley says “Every song has its own piece of you,” in lieu of providing a specific repsonse. 

The five-piece goes on to discuss how they deal with making mistakes onstage along with the moments in which they realized the band had made it. For drummer Tino Arteaga, one of those moments came when Of Mice & Men recorded Live At Brixton to a sold out crowd in England. “We didn’t even expect to get out of the United States,” he adds while expressing his disbelief. Pauley attributes this success to the fans, saying “We have nobody to thank but our fans for those moments.” 

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