In the second episode of our MI Conversations Series with Of Mice & Men, the band opens up about their early years as musicians and how they got their start. Tino tells us how his classical training and knowledge of music theory lead to his interest in the drums, revealing that he actually started out playing the violin and the saxophone. Bassist Aaron shares some of his childhood extra cirricular activities and his earliest memory of inspiration. He goes on to tell the story of the first time he saw Papa Roach live and realized then that, “music is an outlet in which you can create something from nothing.” Lastly, guitartist Phil reflects on his time as a mini Elvis and his limited access to alternative music as a kid. 

Plus, the guys explain how they are inspired by bands like Linkin Park and Blink-182, and look back on some of their earliest memories in the scene.

For more, make sure you check out the video and keep an eye out for episodes 3-5 coming soon!