Over the next few weeks Altpress.com will be hosting tour diaries from bands taking part in the Fight To Unite Tour, including William Control, Blood On The Dance Floor and New Years Day. Here's the first chapter from William Control.

The Fight To Unite Tour started just over a week ago and so far it’s been the most disastrous run for William Control to date. We are dealing with extremely long days, malfunctions with gear, treacherous drives and eight different bands to compete with for merch sales. Despite all of these misgivings, we somehow manage to hit the stage on time and play our set. As much as I want to complain about the sheer weirdness of the lineup and how none of these bands really should be on tour together, it works. It really does. This is one of the most fascinating and enjoyable tours I have ever been on. Every band brings something different and there are no rock stars. Usually you can count on at least four or five people who are… cocksuckers. I haven’t met one yet.

I come from a punk rock world, where ethics and the D.I.Y. attitude are taken very seriously. And yet for the past few years I have felt as if that sort of mentality has faded and been swapped out for something so much more obtuse and just lame.

You can say what you want about these bands but the fact is this: Blood On The Dance Floor is more punk rock than you will ever be. Here are a couple of blokes from Florida who, on the outside look like wacked out versions of David Bowie and Elton John in their early twenties. Guys who have bypassed the system of: Start Band, Write Songs, Play Shows, Find Record Label, Make Record, Go On Tour, Repeat. Who, with the odds very much against them, have built a hardcore audience from the ground up, by themselves and on their own with the help of some silly haircuts and dance beats. They have taken pages straight from the D.I.Y. handbook, lit them on fire and said “Fuck you world, now let’s party.” Their show looks incredible from start to finish and about 1000 kids are showing up on a nightly basis.

Here we are traveling on the Fight To Unite Tour. A bunch of weirdos and circus freaks traveling through the night to a town near you. Instead of fighting about stage time and room for merchandise we are focusing on helping each other do what we all came to do, entertain an audience.

If you’re in a band you should take note, even if you think you’re at the top. It’s not the style of music that binds us together. It’s the attitude and vision we all share. It’s the unity we can all enjoy if we put aside our prejudice, even for a moment and work towards that goal.

William Control