Matt Toka’s never been to Warped, so we thought we’d get his thoughts on being at the only tour that matters this summer. Here’s the sixth installment of our summer-long series with the green-haired hooligan. Look forward to weekly updates on Toka’s shenanigans, photos, videos and any other crazy additions he can throw at AP this summer.

July 17 – Darien Lake, NY
It was so windy today, my merch tent snapped in half! I went on super-early in the day and during the set, I climbed a nearby tree. After the show, I went to an amusement park and rode a few roller coasters. There was a general store there that sold flavored worms and crickets. I decided to get a box of sour cream and onion crickets to try out. My drummer, Chris Wilson, was the only one brave enough to try them with me.

July 18 – Scranton, PA
Today was a really fun set, and luckily, I had a good crowd because it was before the storm. I saw a lot of people I met previously on the Blackout Forever Tour and their energy while I played was awesome! Then a crazy amount of lightning and thunder hit, as well as buckets of rain coming down. A tornado warning was issued, which was slightly alarming, considering we were out in the middle of nowhere. (Don’t worry—I’m still alive.)

July 19 – Mansfield, MA
Overall, this was a solid day. I had a great set, watched Polar Bear Club, drank Genesee and ate free pizza.

July 20 – Camden, NJ
It looked like it was going to storm all day, but it never did, thankfully. This was the biggest crowd I had all tour, by far. A big thank-you to everyone who came out to support. I’m going to miss New Jersey. Also, I ate a Philly cheesesteak sandwich for lunch and it made me happy.

July 21 – Uniondale, NY
I’ve been spoiled by the weather this past week. It hasn’t been too hot or humid, which definitely makes the days a lot easier. So many people brought me drawings today–it was awesome. I can’t wait to hang up all the art in my apartment when I get back. I seriously have the best fans. Right after performing “Say10” during my set, I started a train and everyone in the audience joined in as we walked around Warped Tour. It was so much fun!

July 22 – Hartford, CT
I had a blast doing an acoustic set at the DigiTech stage. (Thanks to Jared from Music Saves Lives for setting it up!) I started a circle pit right before “Say10,” which was hilarious given it was an acoustic performance. I watched Falling In Reverse in the distance and then chilled around the buses drinking a few beers. A friend of mine gave me an IPA; after drinking Pabst and Bud all tour, it was the best fucking beer I had all summer.