Matt Toka’s never been to Warped, so we thought we’d get his thoughts on being at the only tour that matters this summer. Here’s the seventh installment of our summer-long series with the green-haired hooligan. Look forward to weekly updates on Toka’s shenanigans, photos, videos and any other crazy additions he can throw at AP this summer.

July 23 – Baltimore, MD
The band and I volunteered to help the Vans Warped Tour and Blue Water Baltimore clean a heavily polluted river today. It was our only day off for the next nine days and we had to get up at 7:30, so I wasn’t crazy-stoked at first, but when the day ended, I walked away with a really rad experience.

July 24 – Columbia, MD
I did a Stickam chat in the woods, ate sweet potato fries, stood in front of a weird statue and crowdsurfed during our acoustic set. Ian from DigiTech hooked me up and put our set right before Taking Back Sunday so there were a shit-ton of people watching. (Thanks for looking out for me!)

July 25 – Virginia Beach, VA
I saw the biggest spider just chilling close to catering. The Monster can doesn’t do it justice because I was still holding it so far away. I might have peed my pants a little. Nick Annis (guitar) went onstage and jammed to “Wooly” with Breathe Carolina, which was badass. It was fun watching him go apeshit on stage. I also decided to start drawing dick pictures to post on Instagram every morning to announce my set time for the day.

July 26 – Atlanta, GA
It was so fucking hot today and dust was everywhere. Overall, I had an awesome set, and later that night LP from Yellowcard hosted a drum-off. It was so sick to watch. Jay Killa from Vampires Everywhere! killed it. Ryan Seaman from Falling In Reverse drummed on two girls' breasts as well as the drum kit, but the most entertaining to watch was Scotty from the Mighty Mongo. He broke a beer bottle in half while drumming and then continued to drum with the bottle. He also did the same with his shoe and the hi-hat. By far the best showman on the whole tour.

July 27 – Orlando, FL
It was so humid that you could ring my underwear out. I won’t be drinking beer today. I had one of the best crowds all tour, so thank you to everyone in Orlando who came out to show their support.

July 28 – West Palm Beach, FL
Fuck you again, humidity! The stage was in a great location, and we played in front of the largest crowd all tour. So far, Florida has been the most successful. Ultramark from Stepdad had to go to a wedding, so I sang “My Leather, My Fur, My Nails” with them. I had so much fun. I love that band so much. They're all great guys who play great music!

July 29 – St. Petersburg, FL
Go fuck yourself for the third time, humidity! The positive thing was the venue was right on the gulf—it was beautiful. I’m not going to lie, I kind of wanted to say “fuck Warped Tour” and hang on the beach all day. Two kids got busted swimming across shark-infested waters trying to sneak in. That is some serious dedication. I'm sad the tour is starting to come to an end. I finally got to catch Four Year Strong’s set, though. That band is the shit.