We spoke to: Eddie Hermida (vocals)
EXPECT IT: early 2017
WHAT'S DIFFERENT: We decided as a band to do something way outside the spectrum of what Suicide Silence has done in past. We wanted to maintain a heavy sound while exploring our love of music, and what came out surprised us 100 percent. Really, the biggest difference is that we stopped giving a fuck, and when you do that you feel free, and you learn who you really are.
BIGGEST CHALLENGE IN MAKING THE RECORD: Working without any kind of guide. With our previous sound, we could look back to our last record, or you can look around to see what other bands are doing and think, “We’ve got to be just as heavy/just as technical/push the envelope like they are,” and without that it can be intimidating. But our producer Ross Robinson (Slipknot, Korn) played a massive part in giving us the confidence to let everything we were thinking and feeling out.

IS IT MORE YOU CAN’T STOP ME OR THE BLACK CROWN? I would say You Can’t Stop Me is more The Black Crown than this record is anything Suicide Silence has ever written. —Dan Slessor


We spoke to: Lucas Mann (guitar)
EXPECT IT: Early 2017
WHAT'S DIFFERENT: The level of collaboration between our new guitarist, Miles Dimitri Baker, and myself. As the main composer in the band on all of our records, I’ve never collaborated with another musician to the extent I have on this one. We also went for more raw guitar tones, and I personally feel that this album has expanded our music in a logical way, without losing what makes the band Rings Of Saturn. 
BIGGEST CHALLENGE IN MAKING THE RECORD: Getting everyone on the same page to make a product the best it can be is difficult at times. I always have to be very particular in choosing things that will enhance the band in a way that our current fans will be receptive to, and at the same time open our music up to new fans. Even though an idea may sound amazing, not all ideas fit the context of our music.

IS IT MORE EMBRYONIC ANOMALY OR LUGAL KI ENThis new release is definitely a Rings album, however, it doesn’t sound like any of our previous records. When Embryonic Anomaly was out, people didn’t expect Dingir, and when Lugal Ki En came out that surprised people even more. I expect this album to do the same. It musically explores areas previously untapped in our records. —Dan Slessor