Out Came The Wolves give us an in-depth look at their debut album with Roadrunner Records

October 26, 2016
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Fresh off of an insanely successful first leg of the Hell In The Hallways tour with Ice Nine Kills, Minnesota natives Out Came The Wolves show no signs of slowing down.

Newly signed to Roadrunner Records, the group is just days away from dropping their first full-length album. In their debut LP Strange Fate, the band couples heavy guitar riffs with emotionally charged lyrics to take the listener on an intense journey in pursuit of perfection.

“I am extremely proud of this record and everyone involved with it. We have put a lot of time into this and we are beyond excited to share Strange Fate with the world,” shares vocalist Cameron Burns. “This is only the starting point for Out Came The Wolves and it truly is a dream come true to release our debut record through Roadrunner, a label with so many iconic bands that we grew up listening to. It is surreal to be a part of it. I hope everyone enjoys Strange Fate just as much as we do, so sit back and listen to this record from start to end.”

For more on this journey and the album’s influences, Burns takes us track-by-track.

96” – Dealing with Adderall all through school was terrible for me. It made me feel isolated and like a robot. It really put me in a depression and made me not want to do anything. This song is about the things that went on in my head all through those years and how much I hate that people are forced to take medication to feel “normal.”

Queen Mary” – A person would go to extreme measures to find that “perfect” place. “Queen Mary” is about this person hearing about a perfect place and beginning the journey to get there. They meet a fortuneteller along the way and are warned of danger, but this person is so set on going there that they resort to drastic measures. You really start to see them slipping away from reality.

Bleed” – What would you do for the person you care about? Would you risk it all for the one you love? It doesn't even have to be a person; it comes down to what you would do to be who you want or with whom you want.

Baby Blue” – This is a song for everyone who has ever felt alone, lost and sad. It lets you know that you aren't alone and there are always others out there who care for and love you. I’ve always struggled trying to “fit in,” to feel like a part of something, and this song is about that. This is a song of hope.

Strange Fate” – This is the title track to the record and the turning point in the emotional journey. You really start to feel the vibe that this record puts off. It is a breath of air, in a sense, and sets things up for the darkness in the second half of the record.

Kodak” – This is the “perfect” place that is mentioned in “Queen Mary.” The traveler embarks further down the road of sanity, learning more and more of this perfect place. They don't really know what or where it is, but they’re determined to find out.

ILoveHateYou” – This is a song of vices. It’s about loving something or someone so much, but also hating them equally as much. You want to let go, but you just can't. Whether it's drugs, a person, a place or a situation, you keep clinging to those vices.

The Curse” – This song continues to follow the person’s journey to find perfection. They’re starting to lose their mind, but they keep moving forward. They’re walking through a desert alone, searching for something and not really knowing that the future holds.

Skin & Bone” – The person is totally losing their mind, isolating themselves from all that's around them. All reality has slipped away, yet they’re still determined to make it to this place and find out more. The journey is almost over and they have nothing but memories left.

Lowland Hum” – This is a song about complete emptiness. The person is driven so crazy that they are surrounded by nothing now. They’ve lost everything and there is no going back. This is the closing of the story. This song was something very different for us and I think it’s the perfect way to end Strange Fate.

Strange Fate is out on October 28, but you can listen to the exclusive full album stream now.  Also, make sure to check out Out Came The Wolves on the Face To Face tour with Hands Like Houses, Our Last Night and the Color Morale

Written by AltPress