8. “Matilda” – alt-J

Right on the heels of the self-titled era, Paramore started performing this cover from English outfit alt-J. The crowd in this video are as stoked for this track as we are!

9. “Everywhere” – Fleetwood Mac

A ton of the After Laughter tracks give off a Fleetwood Mac vibe (see: “Forgiveness”), so we’re stoked that this cover has become a setlist staple on the current tour.

10. “Long Distance Call” – Phoenix

What better band to cover on French TV than French band, Phoenix? Paramore took on “Long Distance Call” back in 2009.

11. “Sunday Bloody Sunday” – U2

Paramore’s take on this track will bring a tear to your eye…and we might prefer it over the original.

12. “You Ain’t Woman Enough ” – Loretta Lynn

More proof that Paramore can pull off any style—the band offered a country cover with this Loretta Lynn song. Even more stunning? Williams went off-mic for this one.

13. “In Between Days” – The Cure

There seems to be a sly homage to this song’s lyrics—”Yesterday I got so old/I felt like I could die/Yesterday I got so old/It made me want to cry”—in the new After Laughter track, “Caught In The Middle.” See: “I can’t think of getting old/It only makes me want to die/And I can’t think of who I was/’Cause it just makes me want to cry.”

14. “Landslide” – Fleetwood Mac

Double the Fleetwood Mac! (Or the Dixie Chicks, depending on who you ask.) “Landslide” is weaved beautifully into Paramore’s “In The Mourning.”

15. “Hallelujah” – Leonard Cohen

Many have taken on this legendary song, but few have succeeded. Paramore pull it off beautifully as an intro their song of the same name.

And that’s all we got for ya! Which cover is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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