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Fall Out Boy frontman Patrick Stump has one of the most impressive voices in music right now, let alone in the band's genre. That's exactly why he's nominated for Best Vocalist at the 2016 APMAs! When we sat down with Stump, he told us about which artists he looks up to vocally, and (most importantly) what songs he sings at karaoke.

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What's a song or artist you've always wanted to cover, but haven't had a chance to yet? Why this cover?
I'd love to record something in the style of Nat King Cole's crooner stuff – “On The Street Where You Live,” “Unforgettable,” or “Let There Be Love.” He had this amazing elegance in the way he would savor words. That, coupled with the strength of his smoky lower register, is something I definitely impersonate every day when I'm just humming to myself washing the dishes or whatever. Would be fun to get that on record somewhere.

What are your go-to karaoke jams, and why?
I hate when people try to be impressive at karaoke. You're supposed to just be silly and tipsy. The best karaoke songs are the ones you don't really know the words to, so I'd say [Sir Mix-A-Lot's] “Baby Got Back.” Everybody knows the “I like big butts and I cannot lie” part, but toward the end of that verse, you just kind of mumble because you remember less words than you think, and they come fast. Those are the songs karaoke is made for.

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